5 Tips for Starting Your Home Search

5 Tips for Star-ng Your Home Search
Everyone wants to -me their home purchase “just right.” Ideally, the picture perfect “buyer’s market”; plenty of well-priced lis-ngs, low interest rates and a slow moving real estate market where the buyer has plenty of -me to decide on an offer. The reality is that the current market is a fast paced environment where the best homes move quickly and serious home buyers need to be prepared to act when they find the right home.
Fortunately, star-ng your home search the right way is easy by following these simple -ps:
1. Find a Lender and Get Pre-Approved – Know what you can afford before you start your search. By geLng a pre-approval leMer, you demonstrate to sellers that you are serious when you write your offer and it proves you can afford the home.
2. Research Neighborhoods – Each community will have their own personality and advantages; before you spend -me looking at homes, choose the right area for your lifestyle and family needs.
3. Pick the Right Home Style – Learn about the various home styles available in your community. Do you want a single story? Large yard? Do you like older homes or historic- style proper-es?
4. Make a List of Must Have and Like-to-Have – There is a difference! Make a list and be ready to compromise when appropriate by ranking the items.
5. Take Notes – OUen a home buyer can see 6-7 homes in a single day; take notes and if possible, take pictures so you can remember the things you like, and don’t like, about the homes you see once you get home.
In a fast paced real estate market, spending some -me preparing for your home search will help you move quickly when you find the right home for you and your family.